Payment of School Fees & Transport Fees

The School will function for a full Academic year usually from the month of April of one particular year till the end of the month of March of the following year. The Fees should be paid for the whole academic year i.e. for all the twelve months from April to March.

The School Fees and Transport Fees can be paid as a one-time payment for the whole academic year.

The Fees can also be paid in two installments. The first installment should be paid at the time of admission for the newly admitted Children. For the existing Children the date will be specified by the School Authorities. The second installment should be paid on or before 15th September for all Children.

Payment of School Fees and Transport Fees should be made in the School Office directly by the Parents or Guardians well before the last date prescribed.

The Receipts issued from the School office should be carefully preserved and produced in the Office whenever required for verification.

Concession in School Fees

Concession in School Fees may be offered to the Parents or the Legal Guardians if two or more Children / Wards of the same Father and Mother are studying in this School at the same time. However, to avail this concession the deserving Parents or the Guardians should meet and discuss with the Principal in person and submit a written application.