General Rules For Parents

For all practical purposes, the Parents and Guardians are requested to consider the following ‘Rules and Regulations’ seriously as their Bounden Duties and Responsibilities‚ in the best interest of RAMYA SATHIANATHAN VIDHYASHRAM in general and their CHILD in particular. They are requested to extend their wholesome and unstinting support to the School Authorities at all times and in all circumstances.

Parents / Guardians are expected to read the rules and regulations as printed in the School Handbook (2015 - 2016) and strictly follow them. They need to check their Child‚s Handbook on a daily basis to find out whether or not any note, remark or message has been made by the Teachers in ‘Class Teachers Note’, ‘Record of Attendance’, ‘Record of Absence’, ‘Record of Late-coming’, ‘Record of Achievements’, ‘Record of Library Books Read’, ‘Timetable & Portion for Formative & Summative Assessments’ etc. They should try to take remedial steps to correct their Children through positive approach.

Parents / Guardians should go through the contents of the Circulars, Messages, Note the Parents etc. sent by the Class Teachers or Principal and act accordingly. Generally, at the end of every printed circular there will be an ‘Acknowledgement Slip’ or a ‘Consent Slip’. This ‘Slip’ should be filled in, duly signed by the Parents / Guardians and sent back immediately to the Class Teacher through their Child. The Class Teacher in turn will report to the Principal.

It should be ensured that the Children never participate in any unapproved activity outside the school - even if it is organized by some other Schools, Colleges or Organizations - without the knowledge and written permission of the Principal.

Parents / Guardians should pay the School Fees and Bus / Van Fees in the School Office promptly well before the last date prescribed. The Fee Receipts issued by the School Office should be carefully preserved and produced whenever required for clarification / verification.

Children with arrears of fees may not be allowed to sit for the Assessments. For the fault of their Parents / Guardians the Children should not unnecessarily made to face any kind of discomforts, inconveniences, hardships etc.

All the Parents / Guardians should attend the following meetings without fail on the day and time fixed (Please refer to Point No. 16 given below for further information) :

  1. ‘General Parent-Teacher Meetings’ meant for all. The tentative dates are furnished in the School Handbook.

  2. ‘Open Days’ once the results of the Assessments are ready. During these Open Days Parents and / or Guardians should come to School and after discussing with the Class Teachers (CTs) or Subject Teachers (STs) they can sign in the Report Card. The tentative dates are furnished in the School Handbook.
  3. Need based ‘Special or Exclusive Parent-Teacher Meetings’ for the Parents / Guardians of a particular group of students or classes. The date will be intimated.
  4. ‘Workshops for Parents’ etc. The date will be intimated.

Parents / Guardians should never hesitate to come to school whenever they feel the need to meet any Subject Teacher (ST) or Class Teacher (CT) or the Principal. If they feel that their Child is not showing any improvement in discipline, studies, health, English speaking skills, participation in sports / other activities of the school etc. they should make it a point to come to school during the visiting hours and meet the concerned Teacher or Principal without ever waiting for any Parent - Teacher Meetings.

All Parents / Guardians of RAMYA SATHIANATHAN VIDHYASHRAM are always expected to maintain decency, decorum, dignity etc. while discussing with any of the staff - even if they have any difference of opinion. The Principal may also be contacted - without any fear or favour - in case there is any specific need.

The Parents / Guardians who deliberately create inconveniences to the School Staff - especially under the influence of intoxication - will not be entertained. Similarly, bringing pressure of any kind from outside including recommendation for admission or job etc. should also be avoided.

Parents, Guardians or any other authorized persons who bring lunch to their Children should hand over the same to the Watchman / Security Guard at the main entrance gate who in turn will send the same to the concerned Class where the same will be handed over to the Children through Ayahs. No Parent / Guardian will be allowed inside the School Campus or the Classrooms to hand over or feed the Children under normal circumstances.


Attendance of the Children

The Parents / Guardians should ensure that their Child always attends the School punctually on time without absenting from School for any day. Every Child should attend all Functions, Celebrations, Competitions etc. in the School including the Sports Day & Annual Day since they are important for the Children.

Attendance is COMPULSORY for all Children on the Last Working Day before any vacation as well as on the Reopening Day after any vacation. The Children who is found to be absent on these days without leave being sanctioned by the Principal will have to pay a fine / penalty.

Children should have attended the School / classes at least for a minimum of 80 % of the total number of working days. Otherwise, the Child will not be considered for promotion to the next higher class. This does not mean that the Child can abstain from school for the remaining 20% of the total number of working days without proper intimation and leave being granted by the Principal. Every Child should aim and achieve 100 % attendance. Children can avail Leave only when they suffer from chronic ailments - this also could be avoided by leading a proper and healthy life style by the Children under the care and concern of their loving Parents / Guardians.

Children should never avail leave for any petty reasons. If leave is required for genuine and unavoidable reasons only the Father , Mother or Legal Guardian (and not the Child or any unauthorized person) can apply in the prescribed Leave Application Format well in advance and get the leave sanctioned by the Class Teacher before actually availing leave. If leave is availed unexpectedly on medical grounds the Principal should be intimated immediately and when the Child attends the school after availing leave a Medical Certificate & Fitness Certificate issued by a registered Medical Practitioner or a Surgeon should be submitted along with the leave application.

Parents / Guardians should inform the Principal if their Child suffers from any major ailment. This will enable the School Authorities to take timely and effective steps to help the child in case of an emergency. If the Child suffers from any contagious or infectious disease she / he can stay at home. However, intimation should be given to the Principal in writing.


Some important norms for the Children

Children should come to the School on all occasions only in the prescribed uniform. However, only on their Birthdays, the Children can come in a very decent and dignified colour (Birthday) dress. Girl Children are not to be sent in glamorous or distractive dress and with gold ornaments, imitations, fancy articles etc. But during the Tests and Examinations the Children should come to school only in prescribed school uniform.

Children are encouraged to improve the skills in Spoken English by conversing maximum in English at School, at Home and in other places. If Parents / Guardians also encourage them at Home by speaking to them in English it is sure that the Children will also speak in English at the earliest possible time.

Children should always be encouraged to cultivate good habits like getting up early in the morning, taking regular bath, taking their own food by themselves, doing their assignments at home without postponing, keenly listening to the Teachers teaching in the classrooms, always being neat and clean at School and at Home at all times, sincerely working well and to aim for scoring high grades.

Children should be careful in the maintenance of the School Handbook-cum-Diary, Textbooks, Notebooks, etc. The Textbooks, Notebooks etc. should be neatly covered with wrappers and the name, class & section, subjects etc. are written in labels and the same is pasted on the wrapper.

Children should not carry cash or costly gadgets like watches, cameras, pagers, CD Players, Toys, Laser Printers and especially Mobile Phones etc. under any circumstances without the knowledge and written permission of the Senior Principal.

Children should carry with them a bottle of drinking water (though there will be drinking water facilities available in the School), a small Towel, a Napkin, a spoon etc. for taking their lunch. They should be advised to keep their Classrooms and surrounding areas neat and clean. Dustbins should be properly used.

It should be ensured that the Boy Children have proper hair-cut on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

It should be ensured that the Girl Children have two plaits properly tied with a ribbon and without any hairpin, flower or nail polish.

When the School is functioning Children will not be allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

Children should be advised to take care of their own items like textbooks, notebooks, stationery items, water bottle, Tiffin box etc.

Children should handle the laboratory equipments with utmost care & caution.

Children should not write or scribble on the walls, desks, benches etc.

Children should always respect their Teachers and Elders. They must greet the Teachers with smiling face & with folded hands and should be polite and friendly with their Classmates, Juniors and Seniors.

Parents / Guardians should not give pocket money since it is not required and hence not advisable.

Children are expected to switch off the fans and lights before they come out of their classrooms.

Rules for Parents whose Children are availing the School Transport Vehicles & those having their own arrangement of vehicles

Sincere efforts are being taken by the School Authorities to run the School Vehicles to offer maximum comforts and convenience to the Children.

School Vehicles will be available only to the Children who paid the Transport Fee within the stipulated time.

Children will be picked up to reach the School and dropped while going back home ONLY at the approved places of stopping. It is not possible to pick-up or drop at the doorsteps of all Children. Children may have to come some distance to reach the approved places.

Parents / Guardians are requested to ensure that their Children are ready with the following to board the Vehicles in the morning at least 15 minutes before the actual scheduled time of pick-up and without any delay:

  1. Children are neatly dressed in School Uniform
  2. They have taken their breakfast
  3. They have taken their lunch, spoon, napkin, water bottle etc.
  4. They have taken their required textbooks, notebooks, stationery items etc. as per the days timetable besides the Students Handbook.
  5. They have taken their medicines if taken regularly as advised by their family Physician.

Parents / Guardians are requested to be ready to receive their Children in the same stopping at least 15 minutes before the actual time of arrival of the School Vehicles.

Parents / Guardians are advised NOT to discuss or quarrel with the Driver or the Conductor or the escorting Ayah / Teacher. If they have any genuine grievance they can inform the Supervisor or the Principal.

No letter or any other correspondence including payment of School or Transport Fee should be made with or through any Staff of the School.

Parents / Guardians who drop their Children at School and pick-up from School are requested to stop their vehicles at the fixed points in the School campus, drop their Children and take their vehicles out of the campus without disturbing the entry or exit of the School vehicles. No parking of vehicles inside the School campus is allowed.

After the School gets over the School vehicles carrying the Children should be allowed to leave the School first followed by the contract vehicles. Thereafter the private / personal vehicles carrying the Children can leave the campus.

The above mentioned measures are being taken to ensure the smooth and orderly movement of the Children. Further, the safety and security of the Children is the primary concern of the School and hence all are requested to wholeheartedly cooperate with the School Authorities.

Some times due to unforeseen circumstances like rain, traffic problems etc. the arrival time for the pick-up and dropping may get delayed. Parents / Guardians are requested not to get panicky. If the time is very much delayed they can contact the Supervisor.

Children are expected to maintain absolute discipline during their travelling to School or back home.