Vision & Mission


To create a joyful and sensible atmosphere and campus ambience for every Child To provide Comprehensive, Value-Based and Man-Making Education.


To bring out all that is best in the Child - body, mind and soul - as per Gandhian Philosophy of Education. To facilitate that the perfection already in man is manifested - as per the doctrine of Swami Vivekananda.

To provide progressive facilities and methods to develop social, emotional, attitudinal and managerial skills.To make the Child understand and realize the need for self-evaluation techniques to assess her / his own strengths and weaknesses, achievements and failures and to maintain self-esteem by developing self-confidence.

To make every Child aware of her / his duties, responsibilities, commitments etc. as a diligent Student, responsible Family Member, an enterprising Employee and Employer, a Patriotic Indian and a Worthy Citizen of the World.