Withdrawal / Transfer Certificate (TC)

Generally Transfer Certificate (TC) will be issued only at the end of any academic year after the publication of results.

Transfer Certificate may be issued in the midst of the academic year only if the Parents / Guardians are transferred out or for genuine reasons.

Application for TC should be made in writing by the Father, Mother or Legal Guardian who has actually signed in the Child's Admission Form latest by, the 10th March positively without fail. This will facilitate the School Authorities to proceed with the admission for the ensuing academic year by filling the vacancies created by the Children who have left by taking TC.

Unless all the fees dues like tuition fees, vehicle fees etc. are fully settled the Transfer Certificate will not be issued under any circumstances.

The TC will be issued only after the promotion list is published and after verifying all the details from the School Records at the end of March.

If, after the publication of results, the Child has attended the School even for a day during the first term at least the First Term / semester Fees has to be paid irrespective of the month in which the withdrawal takes place.

Not attending the School and / or not intimating the School in writing that the Child had discontinued the School will not be accepted as a genuine reason for claiming exemption from the payment of dues payable to School.

If a Child is absent for more than 5 consecutive working days without any leave being granted, the Parents / Guardian will have to pay a penalty fixed by the School Authority.

If a Child is absent continuously for 10 working days without any intimation his / her name is liable to be struck off from the attendance register. After the removal of name if the Child is to continue studies he / she has to be re-admitted with all re-admission fees payable.**