Visiting Hours

Parents / Guardians are always encouraged to visit the School to discuss about their Child's Academic performance, Discipline, Health etc. with the Subject Teacher, Class Teacher or the Principal.

Only the Parent or the Legal Guardian of the Child will be entertained by the Teacher or Principal. No other relatives or friends of the Parents / Guardians will be entertained under any circumstances.

Generally, under normal circumstances-Parents / Guardians can meet only after the School is over in the evening.

It is always advisable and purposeful to have the Child during the discussion between the Parents or Guardians and the Teachers.

It should always be ensured both by the Parents / Guardians and the Teachers that the Child should never be rebuked, reprimanded, blamed or beaten thereby causing damage to the Child's precious self-esteem-even if the Child has committed something wrong knowingly or unknowingly. It is the duty of the elders to correct the Child by making the Child realize the wrong-doings and feel sorry for the same and make him / her to commit NEVER to repeat in future.

It is the duty of the School Authorities to make proper arrangements to entertain the Parents / Guardians when they visit the School with a purpose. So some norms have been framed which the Parents / Guardians are expected to follow and co-operate with the School Authorities.

The visit of the Parents / Guardians should not in any way disturb or cause inconvenience to the Children or to the Teachers.

The following "Visiting Time Schedule for Parents / Guardians has been framed considering the closing time of the respective classes for Children and Teachers so that the meeting between the Parents / Guardians and the Teachers will be purposeful without disturbing the duties of any Staff or Children. Since some activity, event or programme might be organized on working Saturdays, Parents / Guardians may please follow the time given below:

Parents / Guardians ofFromTo
Pre-KG & LKG12.10 PM01.00 PM
UKG02.40 PM03.30 PM
Classes I to VIII04.00 PM04.50 PM