Parent - Teacher Meetings (PT Meetings)


The very purpose of conducting the Parent-Teacher Meetings is -

  1. to understand each other well and to maintain excellent rapport

  2. to ensure that the Children are getting the best care and attention at Home and at School
  3. to ensure that the all-round growth, development, progress of the Children are more than satisfactory
  4. to meet and discuss about common inconveniences faced by the Children, Parents, Guardians and the Teachers (and NOT to discuss any specific inconvenience faced by an individual Child for which the Parents / Guardians of that particular Child should meet the concerned Teacher).
  5. to realize the fact that it is only through the joint and concerted efforts of the Parents & Guardians at Home and the Teachers at School the safe, secured and bright future of the Children can be ensured and guaranteed.

Parent-Teacher Meeting will be conducted at least once in each term / semester. There may be General and need-based Special and Exclusive PT Meetings. The Meetings will be held preferably on a Saturday when there will be no classes for Children. The Meetings are expected to be interactive in which the Parents / Guardians can take active part. After some cordial discussion a proper and feasible solution for the common inconvenience - if any - can be found out.

For all the PT Meetings all the Parents or Guardians are expected to attend without fail and without giving any excuse under any pretext. It is their duty to attend in the best interest of their Children even if their Children face no inconveniences.

Procedure for attending the PT Meetings :

  1. All efforts will be taken by the School Authorities to conduct the PT Meets effectively and usefully.
  2. Generally the meetings will be conducted in an informal way since it is purely a family affair involving Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Management. Yet, some formalities may have to be followed.

  3. The Meets will be started punctually on time and the Parents and Guardians should be seated in their respective places at least 15 minutes before the Meeting starts. For example, if the Meeting is scheduled to start at 03.30 p.m. all Parents and Guardians should be seated in their seats latest by 03.15 p.m.
  4. Parents and Guardians should be examples by being punctual. Otherwise, there is no point in expecting the Children to be punctual. The main entrance gate may be closed 5 minutes before the Meeting starts and those who come late - for whatsoever justifiable reason - may have to return back home without attending the Meetings. This will be embarrassing and undesirable for both the Parents / Guardians and the School Authorities and hence should be avoided on the part of the Parents / Guardians.
  5. The Parents / Guardians can park their vehicles ( bikes, cars etc. ) in an orderly manner at the parking place shown by the Security Guard without blocking any other vehicle.
  6. On arrival at the venue of the Meetings the Parents / Guardians should sign in the Attendance Register and collect a Token for Tea or Coffee and be seated in the place meant for them.
  7. The Meetings will start exactly at the scheduled time with a Prayer Song followed by the Welcome Address by the Principal, Special Address by the Chairman etc.
  8. Thereafter, the interactive session will start. Those Parents and Guardians who want to speak can stand up, hold the cordless mike closer to their mouth, introduce their name, their Child's name and class and then can freely express as briefly as possible only about common problems - if any - faced by them or by their Children. They, if interested, can also suggest ways to solve those problems. The Principal and / or the Chairman will reply to their suggestions and suitable follow-up action will be taken immediately or at appropriate time depending upon the nature and feasibility.
  9. Only one Parent or Guardian can speak about a particular point at a time. Same Parent or Guardian should not try to speak about a series of problems since others should be given an opportunity to express their views. Similarly, Parent / Guardian should not try to speak on any particular topic which has already been pointed out by other Parent / Guardian - this will save time.
  10. Tea or Coffee with biscuits will be served during the course of the Meet and the Parents / Guardians can enjoy without making noise. School Staff will collect back the empty cups or it can be dropped in the dust bin by the Parents / Guardians.
  11. Children of Ramya Sathianathan Vidhyashram or any other School or College, visitors, neighbours, friends or relatives of the Parents / Guardians should not be brought or invited to attend these meetings since these meetings are meant for the authorized Parents / Guardians and Teachers to discuss frankly and to find out right solutions. However, the Parents / Guardians can seek the permission of the Principal in case they wish to bring additional grown-up and matured visitors. But, Children should not be brought along with them.