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08-May-2023 / 01:40:20 PM

Sustainability Accelerator

Date : 03-May-2023 Wednesday

Dear Parents/ Students

This is to inform you about the circular detail of Sustainability Accelerator Program for students

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08-May-2023 / 12:33:27 PM

Industry Engagement & Technology Exposure Program

Date : 10-May-2023 Wednesday

Dear Parents / Students

This circular explain the details of Industry Engagement & Technology Exposure Program for school students.

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08-May-2023 / 12:28:25 PM

Confident Development Examination-I

Date : 03-May-2023 Wednesday

Dear Students

This is to inform you that, CDE-1 timetable and schedule is attached in this circular.


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08-May-2023 / 12:14:32 PM

Assessment & Evaluation Practises of Board exam

Date : 09-May-2023 Tuesday

Dear Parents/ Students

This is to inform kindly you about the Assessment And Evaluation Practices of Board Exam 2023-2024

(Grade IX-X and Grade XI -XII)

08-May-2023 / 12:08:31 PM

Important Circulars

Important Updates in School Chalo portal

02-May-2023 / 12:16:57 PM

List of Important Circulars uploaded in Chalo

Date : 03-May-2023 Wednesday

The Students and Parents of RSV

Important Circular regarding Educational Activities

21-Dec-2022 / 10:21:43 AM

Food Festival

Date : 23-Dec-2022 Friday

RSV-Food Carnival
Second Year -2022

21-Dec-2022 / 10:14:57 AM

Zonal Level Skating Tournament-2022

Date : 27-Dec-2022 Tuesday

South India (CBSE) Tournament-2022

29-Nov-2022 / 05:32:17 PM

Zonal Level Tennis & Skating Tournament-2022

Date : 01-Dec-2022 Thursday

First time in Delta Districts

29-Nov-2022 / 04:34:01 PM

Zonal Level Tennis Tournament-2022

Date : 01-Dec-2022 Thursday

South India Level(CBSE) Tournament-2022.